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astrofft fpga cards

AstroFFT - Astronomical Digital Spectrometer

Employing the latest in Field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology the spectrometer can capture and process signals of up to 25 MHz bandwidth in real time. The use of FPGA technology allows different processing algorithms to be downloaded into the FPGA's.

The current system employs two separate FPGA processing engines. Each has two 50 MHz 14 bit analogue to digital converters feeding a 4096 point 14bit FFT algorithm. The power components of the resulting frequency spectrum are integrated over time and the results sent to the host. The FFT performs the 4096 point FFT in 82 micro seconds.

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Alphanode 2u high rack unit

AlphaNode - Alpha Systems (5.33GFLOPS in a box)

Scalable parallel processing power in a small form factor. Powered by 4 DEC Alpha processors with the flexible open source Linux operating system. Suitable for large parallel compute engines or real-time processing systems.

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Small 8 Processor cluster

Beowulf systems - Scalable Parallel Computing clusters

General purpose Intel x86 based Beowulf compute systems. Powered by the flexible open source Linux operating system. Suitable for parallel compute engines.

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software manual

Parallel real time Systems

Software that provides access to DEC Alpha real time processing boards from the Linux operating system.

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xvi terminal and alva braille display

XVI - Systems for the visually impaired and blind

Specialised X-Windows computer terminals that provides access to Linux/Unix systems for the visually impaired and blind.

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