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XVI - Computer Terminals for the visually impaired and blind

BEAM Ltd produce a range of network computer terminals designed to allow visually impaired and blind users access computer systems running the Unix operating system. The range encompasses systems that provide screen magnification to systems that employ speech and/or braille displays. The systems have been designed as a standalone X-Windows computer terminal that is connected to Unix workstations or servers through a conventional network interface. One of the main features of this design is that all of the user interface software, including screen magnification and screen reader software runs on the local terminal and no changes are needed to to host system hardware or software. As a result all Unix systems, as well as other systems that employ the X-Windows graphical user interface system are supported.

There are basically three flavours of XVI systems, the XVI Terminal, the XVI-S terminal and the XVI-SB terminal.

BEAM XVI Terminals

The BEAM XVI terminal provides visually impaired user with a large 21inch monitor and screen magnification software that provides real-time zoom, a Magnifying glass and event tracking.

BEAM XVI-S Terminals

The BEAM XVI-S terminal provides all of the screen magnification abilities of the XVI terminal with the addition of a screen reader software driving a speech unit. The system is designed for visually impaired and blind users.

BEAM XVI-SB Terminals

The BEAM XVI-SB terminal provides all of the screen magnification abilities of the XVI terminal with the addition of a screen reader software driving a speech and braille unit. The system is designed for blind users.

Other Products

BEAM also produces a telephone interface box. This unit provides the ability for XVI speech and braille users to use, simultaneously, a telephone with telephone headset.

Supported Systems

The BEAM XVI X-Terminals are closely identified with the Unix operating system as used by a large number of institutions such as banks, building societies, technical departments and others with networked systems. The BEAM XVI range is a stand alone unit designed to replace any standard existing X-Terminal. No special set up or software modifications are required, simply plug into the network and go.

XVIL X-Windows access software for the Linux operating system

BEAM is currently porting its XVI screen magnification and screen reading software to the Linux operating system. For more info see http://portal.beam.ltd.uk/xvil/

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