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BMeasure-125i - Energy Usage Monitoring

With climate change and current energy price hikes, energy usage monitoring has become important. The BMeasure-125i can be used as a sophisticated electrical energy monitoring system for up to 7 circuits. The picture above shows a system monitoring two circuits the mains power consumed along with solar energy generated.

With a single AC line voltage connected via a bmio-mainsvoltage isolated voltage module to the BMeasure's first analogue input, up to 7 current transformers can be connected to the other 7 input channels. The BMeasure-125i will sample the signals at 4kHz and perform real-time RMS voltage and power measurements on all of the 7 current transformer channels. This monitoring data can then be viewed via its WEB interface whilst being logged to its internal storage.

The current data or past data can be accessed using its API's, including the simple to use HTTP/JSON API, allowing WEB applications to be developed for site monitoring applications. Alternatively use can be made of its MQTT API to send power usage data to a remote MQTT server.

Some features of this system include:

  • Accurate power management on up to 7 circuits.
  • Useful for industrial uses, multiple occupancy offices and flats etc.
  • Support for 3 phase power monitoring. Either three line phase voltages can be connected for very accurate measurements, or a single line phase can be connected for simplicity and to support more circuits.
  • Programmable sample times allowing detailed to the second or lower data bandwidth averaged hour measurements for example.
  • Internal logging of power usage, so can be left on a site monitoring with occasional remote access to download the data.
  • RCD monitoring of line pairs for insulation resistance tests.
  • As well as current transformers other sensors can be connected such as temperature sensors for monitoring other parameters.